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Literacy Nights

Emmanuel Family Child Development's Literacy Nights are a monthly event designed to promote literacy among preschool-aged children and encourage family engagement. These events are a fantastic opportunity for parents and caregivers to participate in fun, interactive activities that promote reading and other important literacy skills.

Literacy is an essential foundation for success in life. Children who develop strong literacy skills are more likely to succeed academically, have higher levels of self-esteem, and enjoy a lifetime of learning. Research has shown that early intervention in literacy can be particularly effective, and that families play a critical role in promoting early literacy development.

Emmanuel Family Child Development's Literacy Nights aim to engage families in the literacy development of their children through a series of fun and interactive activities. The events are typically held in the evening and are open to families of children enrolled in Emmanuel's preschool program.

At each Literacy Night, families are welcomed by Emmanuel's staff and given an overview of the evening's activities. Parents and children then participate in a range of literacy-focused activities, including reading aloud, storytelling, and hands-on crafts and games that promote literacy development. The activities are carefully designed to be engaging and fun for young children, while also helping to build critical literacy skills like letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and vocabulary development.

In addition to promoting literacy skills in children, Emmanuel's Literacy Nights also aim to encourage family engagement. Research has shown that family engagement is a critical factor in promoting children's literacy development, and that parents who are actively involved in their children's literacy development can make a big difference in their children's success.

By promoting family engagement, Emmanuel's Literacy Nights help to create a supportive and nurturing environment for children's literacy development. Parents are given the opportunity to participate in their children's learning and to gain new skills and strategies for promoting literacy at home.

Emmanuel's Literacy Nights are a fantastic example of a community-driven initiative to promote literacy development and family engagement. By creating a fun and engaging environment for families, Emmanuel is helping to lay the foundation for children's future success. These events are a valuable resource for families who are committed to promoting their children's literacy development and creating a lifelong love of reading.


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