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At Emmanuel Family and Child Development Center, we believe that every child deserves the best start in life, and that begins with a strong foundation in early childhood education. Our Early Childhood Workforce Development Program is dedicated to empowering individuals to become skilled and compassionate professionals in the field of early childhood education.


Teacher and Young Student

On August 7th, Emmanuel Family & Child Development Center became a leader in addressing the shortage of early childhood educators in Missouri. The first cohort of 27 participants began their 36- month program of study that will train and prepare them to receive their Child Development Associate credential.

Supported with a grant from the Missouri Department of Economic Development, Emmanuel is the only non-profit organization in Missouri to create a Work Force Development program to address the crisis facing early childhood education providers nationally.


Emmanuel obtained the three-year grant from the Missouri Department of Economic Development and intends to train 125 individuals.

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Training Cohort 


If you would like to apply, please contact Alex at

Early Childhood
Workforce Development 

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